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Monday, October 19, 2009

'Mighty Mouse' eats ‘Apple’

Apple will now have to abandon use of MIGHTY MOUSE for its products as United States Patents and Trademarks Office has awarded “MIGHTY MOUSE” trademark to Man & Machine (Small computer-peripheral manufacturer) for its rugged waterproof computer mouse, after the company filed a suit against Apple in 2008. Man & Machine was first to introduce the mark in 2004 and Apple introduced its Mighty Mouse computer mouse several months thereafter. Apple argued that it had licensed the name from television network CBS, which owns the rights to the popular Mighty Mouse cartoon character but USPTO ruled that CBS' trademark rights in MIGHTY MOUSE cartoon character did not cover computer peripherals and is limited to trademarks associated with the character itself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Those interested in protecting their inventions in Thailand, would be delighted to know that December 24, 2009 onwards it shall be possible to designate Thailand in International PCT Applications. But for PCT applications filed before 24 December 2009, they would not be able to enter PCT national phase in Thailand and are required to file convention patent applications in Thailand under the Paris Convention route.

Use of registered marks on the Google Ads Program as keywords amounts to trademark infringement and constitutes passing-off: Delhi High Court

  In the matter of  Makemytrip India Private Limited vs B. V. & Ors. , vide its order dated 27th April 2022, Justice Pratibh...