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Monday, June 22, 2015

Notice of Provisional Refusal by Indian Trade marks Registry

Where the Indian Trademark Registry has any objection to the Trademark, a  provisional refusal report is issued by IRDI Section and forwarded to WIPO and then WIPO notifies the Right Holder. The registry normally issues the notice of provisional refusal to WIPO within a week of issuance of same and within 15 days of receipt WIPO dispatches the notice to right holder vide registered mail or post.

The deadline to respond to provisional refusal is one month from the date of receipt of notice of provisional refusal by the Holder or his legal representative. The response to provisional refusal is required to be filed through an Agent (either a Trademark Agent or an Advocate) or through a representative, having address within territory of India.

A response to provisional refusal or request for reconsideration of provisional refusal, evidence in support of prior use of Trademark in India by way of Owner's Affidavit, or limiting the scope of protection or a request for hearing can be sought the Agent/ Attorney/ Representative.

Unlike the typical examination reports issued to Applicants in India, the notice of provisional refusal by Trademark Registry also provides in detail the essential provision under the Indian Trademarks Act as well as information relating to subsequent procedure.

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